The Isolated Artists.

Issue One – Winter Solstice 2019 – ‘Connection’

The Isolated Artists, the new e-zine connecting artists, welcomes submissions for inclusion on the theme of ‘Connection’.

Featured work will be given x1 A4 page spread and credited with name, one social media link and website.

Theme: Connection

As artists, writers and creatives, we often feel isolated working and creating, struggling for connection and community. We challenge YOU to interpret connection in your own creative way using your preferred skills and talents. All disciplines welcome. In the age of connectivity, what does connection really mean to the modern creative?

Submission Guidelines;

  • Open to all artists, writers, photographers and creatives.
  • Size A4 or scalable to A4.
  • Any medium can be used.
  • Please send either a PDF, High Resolution Photograph or Scan of your finished work to
  • Please ensure you include your full name, social media link and title with your submission. Without this, we will be unable to credit your work if included in The Isolated Artists ezine.
  • All submissions will receive a link when The Isolated Artists ezine goes live which can be downloaded FREE.
  • Due to anticipated high demand, we are unable to reply to submissions.
  • Submission does not necessarily mean your work will be featured in The Isolated Artists ezine but you will be part of our ever expanding network for creatives.
  • Please ensure you own the copyright to submitted work.
  • The editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Deadline Thursday 31st October 2019 at noon
  • Release date: December 22nd 2019

About The Isolated Artists.

The Isolated Artists has been created by a dedicated group of professional artists working to establish a community of collaborators and creatives to produce periodical ezines featuring work around a central theme. The Isolated Artists is purposefully removed from the social mediated world of distraction, seeking instead to encourage challenging creative briefs, showcasing emerging and established talent and reaching an ever-expanding creative audience. Collectively, through inclusion, The Isolated Artists challenge the solitude of the artist through meaningful interpretation of its briefs. Submitted work will be judged on its own merits, without consideration of experience or prestige.

Initial avenues you may wish to explore

  • Is connection vital for your artistic wellbeing and productivity?
  • Is connection you with your talent, maybe expressive and deep, seeking an external audience?
  • Does connection happen from the moment you begin your creative process, or when you finish?
  • Maybe beyond the finished piece to the reactions of your audience?
  • Or is connection outside of the studio for you?

We look forward to seeing your interpretation. Now, out with those pencils, paints, cameras, quill pens, clay and yes, maybe even the odd digital work! Welcome – you are now part of The Isolated Artists.