Reserve Now, Pay Later

Want to own an original but don’t have the money? Don’t let it go to someone else! Reserve it today…

I know what it’s like. You see something you really wish to own and then realise that it’s come at just the wrong time; the cat is on expensive medication for a sneeze, the car’s making an odd noise sure to fall apart in the next day or two and cost a fortune, and that night out was slightly more than you had anticipated.

All this means that you’re not quite as flush with cash as you would like, and that new purchase looks like something you’ll now miss out on.

But fret not merry amigo! For I have great news. Introducing, ‘Reserve Now, Pay Later’.

If one of my original works tickles your fancy and you feel it must end up on your wall and nobody else’s, then take advantage and reserve the piece today, paying the balance off in monthly instalments. Here’s how…

  1. Upon seeing a piece you like, and subject to it being available and marked Reserve Now, Pay Later, then please  email me here as soon as you can.
  2. I’ll then reserve the piece for you, subject to a 20% deposit (non-refundable).
  3. The outstanding balance is payable monthly, maximum of 3 months.
  4. Upon funds being cleared in full, your original artwork will be posted to you.
  5. You receive said work, open it, display it proudly, dance around the living room to your favourite music, while sipping a fine wine (has to be a ‘reserve’ of course!) and nibbling on a cracker.

Please do check out my T&Cs before deciding to jump on in. Or, click here and browse my artwork.