Jay has a degree in Art & Design and has been scribbling and doodling since he was a small human in child form. Rumour has it he came out of the womb with a wand in one hand and a pencil in the other.

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Jay collaborates with writers to bring their ideas to life. If you have a project that you’d like to discuss, please email here.

Below are a selection of titles which Jay has illustrated. Jay lends his artistic skills to magic projects that excite him and, in his words, ‘excite’ him.


everybodysmagicEverybody’s Magic. Everybody’s Magic is a collection of easy to perform magic tricks from more than 30 of the best-known magicians in the UK, including Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson, Geoffrey Durham, Dominic Wood, Paul Zenon. 100% of the publisher’s profits go directly to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity Line drawings by Jay.

‘Doing illustrations for a magic book is hard. They need to be very clear and natural. Jay delivered! And brought his energy, creativity and communicative skills to this project. We were extremely blessed having him on board.’ George Parker. Editor & Publisher. 





gift_magicGift Magic. Authored by Jeff McBride, George Parker, Lawrence Hass, Eugene Burger, Rich Bloch, and Robert E. Neale and edited by Larry Hass, Gift Magic includes 11 performances pieces, 5 interviews, and 4 essays on gift magic by world-leading performers, teachers, and philosophers of magic. 57 pencil illustrations by Jay.

All the profits from this book goes to Rich Bloch’s Encore Foundation, a non-profit foundation that assists magicians in times of terrible need.

‘Jay Fortune is a wonderful person and an extremely talented artist.  His illustrations for the book Gift Magic were beautifully expressive, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.’ Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., Associate Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School. Publisher.





Geoffrey Durham Professional Secrets. Truly a modern classic in magic and now highly sought-after by performing magicians, for after the two bookshelf editions were sold out, personal downloads from the author were the only way of getting the benefits of years of his professional experience. Illustrated extensively throughout by Jay.

‘When I decided to write a technical book for professional magicians, I was at a loss to know what to do about the illustrations. Jay Fortune came to the rescue with style, flair and panache. His combination of photographic accuracy and elegant draftsmanship worked wonders. He did a fantastic job and made my task a hundred times easier.’ Geoffrey Durham






Master Routine Series Collected Works by Mark Leveridge. A beautiful 125 page hard backed book which brings together Marks’ major magic works; the 12 Master Routines. Complete with 292 illustrations by Jay.

‘When a few years ago I needed help with the illustrations for a big book, I turned to Jay whose knowledge of magic and skills as an illustrator made him a perfect fit for the job. His drawings were clear, informative and accurate, and his ability to clarify text through diagrams was, I’m sure, one of the reasons why the book has proved so successful as a commercial product.’ Mark Leveridge, Author and creator. 








Shivers. Weird and erie performance pieces that will send a shiver down the spine of your audience. Illustrated throughout by Jay.






Jay has also illustrated conjuring catalogues, advertising literature, instructional sheets, illusion plans, magazine covers and numerous articles in various trade journals, Magigram, Club71, Abracadabra and Alakazam to name a few.

If you have an exciting project that needs illustrating, and nobody else can help, then maybe you can hire… well, drop him an email, you never know!