Screw ‘work-life’: Embrace ‘play-life’.

From as young as I can remember I wanted to be a professional magician when I grew up. At 22 I had realised this ambition, performed internationally to top corporate clients. Within a few years I had itchy feet. What would I do next? I was making good money, but didn’t want to retire!

Teachers throughout my childhood and early adult life told me I could never be a magician, and whilst it’s OK to have a dream, I’d have to face reality and get a ‘proper’ job to pay the bills. A red rag to a bull, I decided early on I would do anything but. I’d live my life doing what I love.

As kids we don’t worry about learning the necessary ‘skill-set’ to play cops and robbers; we just use our imagination and simply do it.

So, I guess I’m still a kid! And yet I’m serious enough to not be afraid to get paid to play. Magic plays a huge part in my life, as I love seeing people react to the unexpected. Magic teaches us that nothing is impossible.

As an artist with a degree in art and design, I’m exploring how illusion can be integrated into our everyday lives.  I represent gifted speed-painter and iconic contemporary artist Jen Allen. (OK, she’s also my girlfriend). I’ve also illustrated numerous books and publications. My original portraiture can be commissioned and purchased here.

At Marvin’s Magic School we encourage everyone from all walks of life to come and play with magic. Magic Moments is a fund-raising initiative created to bring a smile to those who need it most.

Writing brings imagination to life. I write a lot (check out this page for example!) I’m proud to have written a regular column for MagicSeen for ten years now… and counting! I’ve also written and waffled for other industry publications.

I’m fortunate enough to work with a tribe of creative people. As an agent I’ve worked with clients internationally providing incredible artistes and acts of all disciplines. I’ve also designed unique bespoke projects. As a producer I enjoy bringing ideas to life and working with diverse talent, from magicians to musicians!

…in a nutshell, if it’s fun I’ll do it!

Little known FACTS of FORTUNE (OK, this bit may seem a bit ‘blowing of ones trumpet’ but should be excused as this is an ‘about me’ page, and assume that’s what you’d expect to read here) I’ve…;

– been blessed by Del Boy – for real, on set of Only Fools and Horses! As I dropped in worship to my knees before David Jason, he said ‘Thank you, have some more wine and biscuits, you’ve been blessed my son!’ in character.

– won an acre of rainforest in a national schools drawing competition when I was 12. Apparently it’s still there and protected. I really should check (could use the wood for Magic Furniture… hmmm… of course I jest!)

– managed and trained with the Shaolin Warriors (UK), including commissioning soundtracks, creating merchandise, setting up the Temple as a business and touring the UK and overseas.

– presented my own radio breakfast show for 3 years across London, Herts and Essex. I also created the world’s only weekly radio show dedicated to magic. ‘Radio Magic’ broadcast weekly on AM and online worldwide for one year 2005-6. Great fun!

– written and directed the first ever magic show at The O2 in London.

– been the only English magician to become faculty and broadcast with the world’s most prestigious magic school in Las Vegas, with monthly segments on their internet TV show.

– consulted on BBCs six part ‘Magic’ series in 2001.

– written, edited and published 2 books.

– had some awesome pets including three lion cubs, a meerkat, a red-ruffed lemur, baby cheetah, rather large barn owl, three tarantulas, lots of snakes, a bearded dragon… plus the ‘usual’ cat, dog and gerbils!

– turned down Britain’s Got Talent every year since 2008 – yet still they call! Don’t think they’ll ever quite get the fact the show has little to do with talent (don’t get me started!).

Want to join the tribe? Let’s connect via Instagram or email me here.

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