Little known FACTS of FORTUNE (OK, this bit may seem a bit ‘blowing of ones trumpet’ but should be excused as this is an ‘about me’ page, and assume that’s what you’d expect to read here) I’ve…;

– been blessed by Del Boy – for real, on set of Only Fools and Horses! As I dropped in worship to my knees before David Jason, he said ‘Thank you, have some more wine and biscuits, you’ve been blessed my son!’ in character.

– won an acre of rainforest in a national schools drawing competition when I was 12. Apparently it’s still there and protected. I really should check…

– managed and trained with the Shaolin Warriors (UK), including commissioning soundtracks, creating merchandise, setting up the Temple as a business and touring the UK and overseas.

– presented my own radio breakfast show for 3 years across London, Herts and Essex. I also created the world’s only weekly radio show dedicated to magic. ‘Radio Magic’ broadcast weekly on AM and online worldwide for one year 2005-6. Great fun!

– written and directed the first ever magic show at The O2 in London.

– been the only English magician to become faculty and broadcast with the world’s most prestigious magic school in Las Vegas, with monthly segments on their internet TV show.

– consulted on BBCs six part ‘Magic’ series in 2001.

– written, edited and published 2 books.

– had some awesome pets including three lion cubs, a meerkat, a red-ruffed lemur, baby cheetah, rather large barn owl, three tarantulas, lots of snakes, a bearded dragon… plus the ‘usual’ cat, dog and gerbils!



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