Kind words from collectors of my artwork.

‘Fantastic’ – Andy Nyman. Award-winning actor, writer and director.

‘Beautiful’ – Mike Caveney. Leading authority on magic history and multi-award winning magician.

‘You’re a young master of art’ – Jeff McBride. World Ambassador of Magic and global magic superstar.

Your drawing is simply stunning. I am overwhelmed and a bit speechless. The piece is beautiful and utterly expressive of Eugene. It arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, so much, for your wonderful art!’ – L. Hass. USA.

‘I’ve just received my portrait of Eugene Burger and I couldn’t be happier!
Jay has managed to capture that sparkle in Eugene’s eye that came naturally, every time you saw him perform. I’m amazed at how much character can be put into a piece using just pencil strokes. Sadly, having lost Eugene this year (2017), this picture will hang proudly on my wall, forever reminding me of this truly magical legend. Thanks Jay!’ 
– T. Osler. London.

‘Jay’s portraits of Jeff McBride and the late Eugene Burger hang proudly by the side of my home stage – and I am equally proud of them! Jay succeeds in capturing not just the detail and expressions of both performers, but also their magical essence. They watch over the room like guardian angels. Both pictures are extraordinary and I love them. Eugene used to say that the house of magic has many rooms, and I would add that the creative talent of Jay Fortune has many outlets! Thank you for these two wonderful pieces of art.’ – P. Craven. UK.

‘I just want to say a huge thank you for this wonderful work of art. Even though it’s created with strokes of a pen it comes alive on my wall. It is in pride of place on my magic shrine. Thank you Jay for you expertise and talent. I LOVE IT!’ – M. Stirling. London.

‘I wish I had your talent’ – Bill Malone. USA.

‘I’m delighted with my drawings of Dai Vernon and Paul Daniels; you’ve captured them both perfectly. They are beautifully mounted and will look great when framed. Excellent value for original artwork.’ – S. Thompson. UK.

‘When I started seeing Jay’s work I was so impressed, I knew instantly that he was the perfect person to commission for my portrait. It was such a simple process from sending him the photo to paying and receiving the framed item. The detail and likeness is incredible; Jay has captured the essence of my mum in this portrait. It takes pride of place in my living room now and I know that my mum would be eternally grateful to Jay for producing such an amazing memory of her.’ – M. Herd. UK

‘Wow! Thank you so so much. These are spectacular. Big Time. You are so talented and both are getting framed by my framer. I so appreciate your talent.’ – T. Meseroll. USA.

‘Thank you for the beautiful print.’ – T. Karr. USA.

‘Got my print; it is amazing! Love to see your inspiring work. It definitely is a gift. Thanks for everything!’ – Jin. USA.

‘I have just received the Tommy Cooper portrait drawn by Jay. Simply put, it’s stunning. He has managed to catch the personality and cheeky glint in Tommy’s eyes. Everytime I look at it I can hear Tommy’s voice and the sound of laughter. Jay has a talent and we are lucky he is sharing it with us.’ – I. Stapleton. UK.

‘Thanks so much for the Dynamo picture, which is really splendid.  It’s always so nice to have a piece of original artwork.’ – B. Lead. UK.

‘Excellent Jay, your artwork is beautiful.’ – S. Linnell, UK.

‘You are super talented Jay!’ – S. Sheppard. Spain.

‘Beautiful! I’m amazed at your talent.’ – C. Koch. USA.

‘I love your work! Amazing!’ – D. Leiber. USA.

‘Thank you so much for my awesome drawing, a beautiful family of elephants on the go! I’m absolutely in love with them and can’t wait to get them on my wall!’ – L. Bond. London.

‘Your art is so so so beautiful… you are so talented and I’m so glad that some time ago I had the chance to meet you. I have no words to describe how much I appreciate your work.’ – F. Damoc. London.

‘I’ve just received my artwork and wanted to thank you. It is amazing! You are an incredible artist.’ – V. Benoun. USA.

‘I absolutely love my Penn & Teller! Thanks Jay. Gives me a great thrill to own one of your pieces, especially before you become too expensive! Ha!’ – L. Williams. France.

‘Thank you, Jay, we shall prominently display this excellent work of yours!’ – C. May, USA.

‘Jay created this wonderful piece of art of my beloved friend and mentor Eugene Burger. It’s hanging on our wall of fame and cherished memories now! Thanks so much Jay! – G. Parker. Amsterdam.

‘Thanks Jay! Looks fantastic, great quality and loved the personal note.‘  – M. Colman. UK.

[On Houdini] I am absolutely thrilled, a beautiful piece of art work. Kudos to you my friend you have a great talent.’ – J. Fitzpatrick. UK.

‘Geoff and I received our artwork. Geoff loves his Tommy Cooper and I am delighted with my Jeff McBride and Eugene Berger artwork. Jay is very talented and I love his work. Highly recommended.’ – G. & S. Linnell.

‘Wow, Sue and I are absolutely thrilled at our new pieces of art. Simply stunning. Thank you so much. They will take pride of place in our home. You’ve captured them both wonderfully. Jay, you are an amazing and talented artist, absolutely love your work.’ – D. Oakley. UK.

‘Your work is astounding. It came through beautifully. What a brilliant piece of work. Thanks again for the great service and the beautiful artwork.’ – D. Gorman. USA

‘You are so talented.‘ – L. McPhee. UK.

‘I love your art. Just amazing. I want to own an original one day!’ – Jin. USA.

‘Your portrait will remain in my family for generations. I’m beyond thrilled to own one of your amazing works. Glad I got you now before you blow up!’ – A. Badiani. UK.