Make Me An Offer

Here’s a win/win if ever there was one.

As an artist, I’m always sketching and drawing. Some of these pieces end up as fully finished works, while others are short bursts of creative output.

If you see something in the ‘Make Me An Offer’ shop, then click on the link and message me with your offer.

It may not be accepted, but you just never know. You could end up with a bargain! Please do bear in mind that shipping costs have to be considered, more so for overseas orders. It’s only a win/win if you get a new piece of art at a great price, and I don’t lose money shipping it out to you.

All of the pieces in this shop are mixed. Please do read the product description for sizes and whether they come with or without a mount.

And please do take a moment to cast your eyes over my T&Cs so we’re all happy peeps.

Apart from that, click here and shop now and here’s to our win/win!