Jay Fortune – Biography

Jay’s vibrant and innovative comedy pop-artworks are brimming with humour and authenticity. These playful portraits offer a unique insight into Jay’s personality. Despite the meticulous composition, technical skill and graphic dynamic, it is Jay’s sense of fun which shines through each stylish and stylised composition. As he himself says, ‘I think life can sometimes be taken too seriously, so I prefer my art to communicate a sense of fun. We lose our sense of wonder too quickly as children and art can rekindle that and remind us that we’re only here once, so should make time for play and wonder.’

Jay has been commissioned by CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs in New York, Las Vegas, Milan, Paris and London, including a limited edition commission from a Las Vegas premier convention.

He has worked with the BBC as a consultant, hosted his own radio show, published 2 books and been blessed by ‘Del-Boy’ on the set of TV’s Only Fools & Horses! 

Created the Riviera Fine Art Exhibition in 2014 to showcase work from himself and other artists, and has received national press and TV coverage. Jay also created Magic Moments, his charitable initiative which has raised over £75,000 for good causes to date. 

Before he was a professional artist, Jay ran away with the circus and cut people in half, lived with lions and had a pet meerkat…